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At Kai Wagyu, every cut is premium, and every bite special. Strategically partnering with local farms in Hokkaido, Miyazaki and Kagoshima, we’re bringing best-in-class Japanese wagyu from cattle farm straight to your dinner table. It only takes one bite—anyone, anywhere can get a taste into the world of wagyu beef and embark on a one-of-one dining experience unlike any you’ve had before.

Customer Reviews

The Rolls Royce of Steaks! The perfect steak to cook at home to impress friends and family. Strongly recommend.

Kent C

Everything was amazing! Really fast shipping and the meat came in a nice insulated box with ice packs. I really appreciate the care this company puts into delivering their products.

Kyle N.

That was the best steak I have ever had and I have had a lot of upscale steaks. It was outstanding. I am now addicted.

Dave N.

It was like butter. Insanely good. I felt like a king

Ryan P.

Words CANNOT Describe the experience…just do yourself a favor and get the strip…and the ribeye…

Joe S.

It was freaking amazinnghhhh. Like BUTTER. Whole fam loved it so good with the garlic and also this miso butter we made

Amanda L.

I just got my steak today and it was awesome. 10/10 would recommend

Dakota F.

Why Kai Wagyu?

  • The most premium beef you can find anywhere in the world
  • A5 can range from BMS 8-12 (12 being the highest)
  • Every cattle is hand selected based on quality rather than blind brand purchasing
  • Direct relationship to cattle farms in Japan
  • Direct relationship to 9/15 USDA approved processing plants in Japan

Certificate of Authenticity

All A5 Wagyu beef from Kai Wagyu has a Certificate of Authenticity available upon request.

A Traceable Cattle-ID number on the certificate is the only way to certify genuine Japanese wagyu beef. Check the record of cattle on the Official Japanese Website.