It only takes one bite — to feel the respect for the cattle; to taste the intimacy of the moment; to understand the spirit of Japanese heritage. At KAI Wagyu, we seek to create exclusive, one of a kind dining experiences by bringing the culinary tradition of Japanese Wagyu beef from cattle farm onto your plate.

Sourced from farms across Japan, we work side by side with our partners to hand select only the best A5 Wagyu cuts for our customers. With the strategic relationships we’ve built, we facilitate all of the sourcing, export, and distribution to curate the best Wagyu cuts directly to you. At KAI Wagyu, we believe that every cut should be premium, and every bite special. With our beef, we’re committed to delivering an authentic Japanese dining experience that is to be savored and to be remembered.

One bite transports you to the taste of Japan. Another bite whisks you into the exclusive world of Wagyu

Certificate of Authenticity

A Traceable Cattle-ID number on the certificate is the only way to certify genuine Japanese wagyu beef.

All Japanese A5 Wagyu beef from KAI Wagyu comes with a certificate of authenticity enclosed within the package.

Check the record of the Cattle on Japanese Official Site