What does Kai Wagyu provide?

Our Wagyu is directly imported, processed, and inspected in our USDA approved facility. We provide custom wholesale wagyu orders for restaurants, supermarkets, and other distributors. Our premium A5 grade Japanese Wagyu comes exclusively from local farms in Hokkaido, Kagoshima, Miyazaki among other prefectures. We also have specialty brands such as Kobe Beef, Olive-Fed Wagyu Beef, Hida Beef, Kobe Wine etc. We can also provide custom cuts for your business, such as steak or sliced cuts.

What sets us apart?

For all orders, we guarantee that our Wagyu is certified A5 grade and BMS 10-12. Each case will come with a Certificate of Authenticity and cattle tracking ID.

Processing Outline

A5 Wagyu Ribeye Half Loin

Beef cuts and characteristics

3. Chuck Roll

This cut of meat comes from the chuck area of the cattle. This large area is the shoulder area and between the ribs and backbone. It is known for its rich, beefy flavor. The A5 level marbling of the cattle makes this chuck roll cut amazingly tender and flavorful while still keeping it reasonably priced-nearly 20% less than the cost of ribeye or striploin.

Excellent for sushi, shabu shabu, sukiyaki or Japanese/Korean BBQ.

4. Ribeye

One of America’s most popular steaks, the ribeye is cut from the top of the steer’s rib section, where the meat is generously marbled with fat. Extremely marbled and flavorful giving customers a full-bodied flavor and fine texture.

Great for steak, Japanese/Korean BBQ and sukiyaki.

5. Striploin

Though not as tender as ribeyes or tenderloins, striploins are very flavorful due to consistent marbling and nice firm texture. Striploin cuts come from the short loin area. Many believe for A5 level quality, the striploin is the perfect balance between high marbling and firmness.

Especially great for steak and also good for sushi, Japanese/Korean BBQ and shabu shabu.

6. Tenderloin

The tenderloin is one of the highest prized cuts in high-end restaurants due to its succulent, buttery tenderness. It is the muscle that receives the least amount of exercise. Typically beef tenderloin is quite lean, however, A5 Wagyu tenderloin still has defined marbling which adds more moisture and delicate sweetness to the cut.

Best for steaks, cutlet or roast. Serve medium rare to fully indulge the texture and flavor.

9. Chuck Short Rib

Chuck Short Rib also known as Sankaku Bara in Japanese. Regarded as one of the most delectable and rare cuts as the yield is only about 20lbs per cattle. With an intense high marbling, texture and tenderness creating the perfect Umami and meaty flavor, this amazing meat is known in Japan as the King of BBQ.

A premium cut for Japanese/Korean BBQ, steak or tataki.

12. Outside Round

Although this cut is a lean cut with low fat content, it is quite tasty and tender due to the A5 level grade.

Great for steaks or roast beef and as a sliced product, ideal for shabu shabu and Japanese/Korean BBQ.

Meat Grading System

Japanese Wagyu Beef is strictly graded by the Japan Meat Grading Association. The grades are classified by the basis of the yield grade and meat quality grade, The yield grade refers to to the ratio of meat to total weight of the carcass and the meat quality grade is based on the fat marbling (BMS), color, brightness, firmness and texture. Our wholesale wagyu options are guaranteed the highest quality (A5 Grade and BMS 10-12).


CONTACT for business

Please contact us if you have any questions about our wholesale wagyu or would like to be in touch with a sales representative