What is Wagyu Beef

Wagyu is a breed of Japanese cattle made known for its exquisite flavor and texture. Bred with intention and raised with care, Wagyu production is treated on highly regulated international standards. We’ve partnered with farms across Japan in the Hokkaido and Kagoshima prefecture to source only the best Wagyu cuts. Our beef is non-GMO, non antibiotics or added hormones, and certified humane — the respect we have for our cattle is honored in its quality.

For beef of such quality, you’ll see a deep marbling unique to Wagyu — a cherry red and white map of intramuscular fat that dots and stretches across the beef. The more marbled the fat, the more tender and flavorful the meat, and this is reflected in the grade of beef. In the United States, the USDA grading system mandates that it’s top grade beef (USDA Prime) be at 8%-12% of marbled fat. Top quality A5 Wagyu, in comparison, is 45%-60% of marbled fat. All the products sourced by KAI Wagyu are of A5 grade.


Wagyu beef has made rounds worldwide for its best-in-choice flavor and texture. It owes much of its esteem to fat marbling that laces the meat — this marbling routes to the ubiquitous stamp of Wagyu beef: umami. The elusive umami taste is one of our five basic tastes and is often described as a complex savoriness.

The flavor of Wagyu is an event. When cooked, it’s a deep caramelized flavor that’s accented by a delicate aroma from the fat of the flesh. Unmistakably beefy and packed with umami, the meat jostles between savory and sweet in the most playful way. The texture of Wagyu is luxury. It’s gently toothsome, but also rich, decadent, and satisfying as the beef coats the whole palate.

Together, the taste of Wagyu is respect, both for the cattle and the customer — a truly delicious, one of a kind dining experience.


Wagyu beef is often compared to olive oil and salmon in terms of its health benefits. The high degree of marbled fat is what gives Wagyu beef its superior taste and texture. It has up to 300% more monounsaturated fat than normal beef, as well as high omega 3 and omega 6 content.

The intense white marbling you see in A5 wagyu beef is mostly monounsaturated fat — in other words, it is what we consider to be ‘healthy fat.’ Monounsaturated fat has been proven to lower LDL (or ‘bad’) cholesterol. Maintaining a low level of LDL reduces your risk for heart disease and stroke.