Top Farm Group

Top Farm is located in the beautiful Saroma, Hokkaido. Known for its cool ocean side weather, lush bountiful land and meticulous breeding and care, Top Farm is regarded as a premium local agricultural corporation. Top Farm takes extreme pride in providing the best cattle care with their motto, “If you grow it lovingly, the cow will respond properly”. At Top Farm, they take pride in taking care of their cows from 2 months from birth, until shipping. The factor that sets Top Farm apart from the rest of cattle farms in all of Japan is the level of care and quality control. The owner personally checks on each and every cattle daily along with the staff to ensure they are being treated with the utmost love and care. At Top Farm, the cows are encouraged to roam freely around the greenery.

Top Farm also has their own in-house proprietary feed to go along with their regular fibrous grass feed. The in-house feed contains natural fermented ingredients such as pineapple and corn which keeps the cows’ stomachs healthy resulting in no bad odors. 

They are also able to keep the highest premium quality due to the cleanliness of the facility and operations. Visitors to their barn will notice that there is no scent at all. The reason why it does not have an unpleasant odor is that the fermented feed results in a low ammonia excrement, and it is kept clean by daily removing and cleaning. Manure is laid in a compost house and fermented to full maturity, and the water content is adjusted to make recycled compost. It is then returned to pasture fields and reused as bedding for barns, and is also provided as compost to nearby upland farmers.Top Farm aims for a recycling-oriented agriculture that does not place a burden on the natural environment.

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